Plastic hangers for men clothes, women clothes, kids clothes, clothing accessories and fur & leather products.

ArtPac is the largest manufacturer of hangers in Russia!

The company was founded in 1999 and since has been developing rapidly. We showcase products  in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, U.S.A., Germany and others. Today we are producing  hangers for all types of clothing: coats and jackets, women's and men's suits, knitwear, blouses, trousers and skirts, children's clothing, lingerie ,products from fur and leather. Our clients are large clothing manufacturers, European chain of brands and small shops for which Hanger - is not only a way to keep clothes, but also part of the interior in the store. We find an individual approach to each client and help him make the right choice!


ArtPac hangers

“ArtPac” — the largest manufacturer of plastic hangers in Russia. Art pac offers a wide range of clothes hangers with different variety of styles, sizes and colors for clothing manufacturers, owners of retail chains and shop stores. Art pac presents more than 80 different products in areas such as:

  • Outwear / Suits/ Skirts/Trousers/ Blouse/ Shirts/ Knitwear for Men and Women clothes
  • Products from Fur and Leather, Fur Coats, Sheepskin coats.
  • Suits/ Dresses/ Shirts / T-shirts/ Trousers / Skirts for Kids clothes