Plastic hangers for men clothes, women clothes, kids clothes, clothing accessories and fur & leather products.

The market of commercial equipment is always developing and every year there are new requirements for our products. Art Pac is trying to get ahead with your needs and offers a range of exclusive coatings and effects that will help you in choosing the perfect hanger for your retail space.


cover type


Flock - classic jewelry flock coating creates antislip effect and turns in velvet hanger accessory.

Flocking is possible on the entire surface of the hanger and hanger shoulder half. Colors in the form of coatings is very broad.

Flocked Hanger is the perfect accompaniment to the new 3D logo - an exclusive design of ArtPac.


металлизация золотом и серебромMetallization - a high-tech coating that is used to hanger looked as if it was cast in gold or silver.


Soft Touch

Soft TOUCH - a new type of coating that is widely used in the market of household appliances.

Anti-slip matte finish that gives the hanger ultra modern look makes it definitely easy to use.Coating keeps even a light silk.


Глянцевый эффектGlossy effect - very popular today effect that is achieved only with the highest quality molds and special raw materials. Hangers become glossy and selected color is much brighter.


Деревянный эффектWood effect - a plastic hanger coloring with this effect becomes very similar to the structure of the tree.